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About Belgrade


About Belgrade

You have heard so many good things about Belgrade. The city is an adventure waiting to be discovered. There is so much to see and do, the food is excellent and the nightlife is renowned worldwide. On top of that, the people are relaxed, the welcome is warm, and the girls are said to be the most beautiful in the world. Well, all of that is true but there is much more too. Visitors to Belgrade are often pleasantly surprised to see that language is not an issue either, as almost everyone speaks English and often another language. All of which can help make your stay more relaxed.

Personalised attention to make your stay special

The more time we have to work with you, to more value we can add to your visit. If you call us before you set plans about visiting Belgrade, we can give you pointers on when is the best time to come with your friends, partner or even alone. We can book you a hotel best suited to your needs and wishes.

We will be your personal guide and concierge, ensuring that you receive VIP treatment for as long as you chose to stay in our city.

With us VIP is the only option

Belgrade’s vibrant social scene and busy nightlife is full of stylish bars, quality restaurants, and fashionable clubs. We also have a lot of doormen and sometimes, even with a reservation, you will need to know the right person to get you in. Well, we are the best in Belgrade and no door remains closed to our clients.