tailor made experience.

As we made all the photos specially for our website, we are approaching with the same dedication to creating your unique experience.

Each client is a new task and new challenge for us. We are taking in the consideration even the smallest details so that your visit can be smooth and spectacular at the same time. We will work with you but will give our special touch at the end so you can taste the flavor of Belgrade even more. We are very proud that return rate of our clients is more than 60% but just with different reason so we can proudly say that we didn't have to organize a bachelor party twice for the same client, if you know what we mean.

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Glimpse of our programmes

and standards

In a period of ten years we have changed and developed our standards and services, always bringing something new to the market. We are pioneers of this business in the region but also the leaders and it is our imperative to use that to make your stay even more pleasurable.

Precision and transparency

Our biggest strength is that you will know all the details of your trip much before you even come. You will have all costs dissected to the tiniest peaces so that you know on what you are spending your money.

Experience and local knowledge

We are proud to celebrate our first decade in this business! We have been involved in creation of Belgrade nightlife scene in last 20 years and been a valuable consultant and partner to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the city. We use this knowledge and these connections in every day work.

Private events

Depending on the occasion we can make magic in no time. We will develop unique atmosphere according to your idea and will bring a special touch to it.

Choosing the right places

We are not club promoters and we don't work with anyone exclusively which means that we put our clients' needs and wishes first and then work around it so that everything fits your needs.

Corporate events

Beside private VIP travel, we are experts in event management and our sister company is the leader in this filed. So far we have organized couple of hundred of events and promotions for various corporate clients and international and local brands.

Partners and Vendors

We have a long list of partners and we are working with them daily on maintaining and raising the standard of the service that we are providing to our clients.

Friends & Partners