June 14, 2018
VIP’s 100 Event

«VIP’s 100 Event»

VIP’s 100 event The already famed «VIP’s 100 Events» in Belgrade are organized and reserved for 100 invitees ONLY, being all treated as true VIPs. The attendants of the «VIP’s 100 Events» are true gentlemen and ladies who know that at our events their presence is truly appreciated. They are exclusively offered good company, away from the daily city crowd, and pure premium products as they so deserve. Our «VIP’s 100 Events» always and solely take place at premium locations which provide exclusivity and the highest level of service, in the best cocktail style set up, so our VIP guests […]
December 11, 2017

«VIP’s 100 Event»

«VIP’s 100 Event» is organized and reserved for 100 invitees ONLY, considered to fit in category of VIP’s. It gathers true consumers of premium products, equally gentlemen as well as the ladies! Here they know their time is appreciated and they are in good company, detached from city crowd. «VIP’s 100 Event» always happens at premium locations, hotel venues or alternative places which provide exclusivity and high level of service, with cocktail style set up so guests can move, mingle and communicate all the time. DJ is playing light vocal, deep house music on low sound level, to make atmosphere […]
November 14, 2017

Word of the founder

Word of the founder I started this journey a decade ago! Nobody believed in this idea and I had to explain it to everyone over and over again. Belgrade wasn’t ready for its First Concierge Service but I didn’t back down. 10 years ago I had my first group for a wild weekend in Belgrade and they had a blast. In the following years I handled very many groups, bachelor and bachelorette parties, private events, world stars on business and private trips as well as concert tours and movie premiers. I had created something new and original that Belgrade could […]