«VIP’s 100 Event»

«VIP’s 100 Event»
December 11, 2017
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«VIP’s 100 Event»

VIP’s 100 Event

The already famed «VIP’s 100 Events» in Belgrade are organized and reserved for 100 invitees ONLY, being all treated as true VIPs. The attendants of the «VIP’s 100 Events» are true gentlemen and ladies who know that at our events their presence is truly appreciated. They are exclusively offered good company, away from the daily city crowd, and pure premium products as they so deserve.

Our «VIP’s 100 Events» always and solely take place at premium locations which provide exclusivity and the highest level of service, in the best cocktail style set up, so our VIP guests can interact, mingle and communicate in the very best scenarios, like the Twenty Two rooftop restaurant at Hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade.

The best DJs play light vocal, deep house music on a low sound level, achieving the perfect atmosphere and making each «VIP’s 100 Event» a pleasurable three-hour long magic moment not interrupted by official speeches or rigid ceremonies… the only goal is to have an extra wonderful time. That is why they happen always on a Thursday thus leaving the next working day for potential follow up on business talks initiated while sharing a cozy and smart drink at the «VIP’s 100 Event».

Our VIP guests are guaranteed a premium selection of food and drinks in unlimited quantity and solely the most premium quality such as Ivan The Terrible Osobaya Vodka.

The exclusive goal of our «VIP’s100 Events» is to turn the traditional networking events into a unique form of relaxation in an unparalleled atmosphere that is filled with the highest quality experience of food, beverages, sounds and visual elements. Truly an experience exhilarating with style and character that you don’t want to miss.

Each «VIP’s 100 Event» is a golden moment to save the date for. A magic event one wants to register for as fast as possible because you want to make sure you don’t miss it. A fantastic occasion aimed at producing the most interesting synergy between companies, brands and individuals, solely aimed at creating win-win opportunities for all.

Come to one of our «VIP’s 100 Events» and you shall never miss any of them in the future. We guarantee it… with a confident VIP smile.