«VIP’s 100 Event»

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November 14, 2017
VIP’s 100 Event
«VIP’s 100 Event»
June 14, 2018
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«VIP’s 100 Event»

«VIP's 100 Event» is organized and reserved for 100 invitees ONLY, considered to fit in category of VIP's. It gathers true consumers of premium products, equally gentlemen as well as the ladies! Here they know their time is appreciated and they are in good company, detached from city crowd.

«VIP's 100 Event» always happens at premium locations, hotel venues or alternative places which provide exclusivity and high level of service, with cocktail style set up so guests can move, mingle and communicate all the time.

DJ is playing light vocal, deep house music on low sound level, to make atmosphere just perfect.

Three hour duration, no official moments such as speech or other, just wonderful time. Always on Thursday to leave the next working day for follow up on business talks.

Guests are enjoying premium selection of food and beverage in unlimited quantity. Premium quality cocktails are served on the bar.

Goal of «VIP's 100 Event» is to become acclaimed networking event in unique form of relaxing atmosphere filled with quality experience of food, beverage, sounds and visuals. Experience which breeds with style and character.

«VIP's 100 Event» is an event to save the date for and hurry to sign in because you want to keep present.

Event which produces synergy between companies, brands and individuals, creating win-win opportunities.

So far we achieved to gather and create networking community, of business oriented people with specifically developed sense for quality and style. People who value professional approach, abiding standards , but care for the presence of beauty . The Ladies and the Gentlemen.